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The Supremacy of the Son of God


The Supremacy of the Son of God
Colossians 1:1-23 

The City of Colossae, located in what would be today modern day Turkey, is little known, buried under the rubble of an earthquake in 60AD and years of history and shifting sands.  Yet we have a letter from Paul, written from prison, to this fledgling community of believers shortly before this devastating earthquake occurred.  

What exactly was going on in this early faith community?  What does Paul have to say to them in their following of Jesus in the midst of the culture they are living in?  The letter reveals many clues through its passionate content, encouragement and instruction.  

Looking forward to this journey of the Colossian letter in Scripture.  Does this letter have any relevance for today?  You bet it does!  Packed from opening greeting to final sendoff, Colossians will give us much to reflect and act on.  

Sunday we will tackle the first 23 verses of chapter one.  Read it for Sunday prep and come anticipating to hear the Spirit speak.  What is Paul thankful for in this community of faith?  What is he asking God to do and work among them?  How important is Jesus to faith and community life?  

The church of Colossae was being bombarded by different philosophies, false teachers, and tempted to synchronize different beliefs into the Gospel.  The Colossian church struggled with what has been termed the ‘Colossian heresy.’  Do you know what this heresy is?  One thing for sure, Paul wastes no time in highlighting the supremacy of Jesus in Colossians.  Maybe the heresy has something to do with Paul’s emphasis in the opening chapter of the Supremacy of Christ.  What can be added to Jesus?  What needs to be added to Jesus?  Nothing… Yet, it is our tendency to seek for more outside of Jesus.  It’s not necessary, nor warranted, nor prudent.  Can’t wait to walk through this letter with you for the next 7 weeks.  

Grace and Peace to you in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior,
   Pastor Mark

See you Sunday!