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God’s Will/My Will: Freedom – At the Crossroads – Go to the other side


God’s Will/My Will: Freedom – At the Crossroads – Go to the other side

Gal 5:1 w/ Jn 1:5, Mark 1:38, Luke 8:22

Ash Wednesday yesterday marked the beginning of the Lent season 2023.  Lent is a focused and intentional, waiting and seeking, of the incarnation of Christ in our daily dying and rising in Him.  That sounds like a sentence of too many big words for us to begin to understand.  So try this: during Lent into passion week, we experience the transcendence and immanence of God in Jesus, God with us.  Hmmm… another sentence with big words… 

Let me try and make it more understandable.  Too often, we see God as One so beyond and uninvolved in our lives that God stands behind a curtain or our expectations, outside the real influence of our lives.  This can be a disillusioning place to be and exist.  The more we push God to the margin, behind the curtain of our everyday life, the more outcomes, whatever outcomes of actions and words, depend on us alone.  Yikes.  That doesn’t seem like a good ‘life space’ from which to live.     

Lent is a time where we wait and seek God, looking and waiting for God to find us.  It’s a posture of receiving and listening, as the Spirit of God nurtures our life.  

Sunday, we welcome Donn Hansum from Volunteers in Action to share with us the work of VIA.  We will conclude our current series on Freedom in Christ from our Text of the Quarter, Galatians 5:1.  After the service a download will be offered to talk through the worship vision of Crestview Church. 

We will reflect Sunday on the theme of ‘At the Crossroads – crossing over to the other side” with a few texts of focus: John 1:5, Mark 1:38, Luke 8:22, and Matthew 28:18-21.  See you Sunday,

Pastor Mark