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God’s Will/My Will: Freedom – Discernment – Discrimination

God’s Will/My Will: Freedom – Discernment – Discrimination
Gal 5:1 with Ps 119:125, Ph 1:10, Pr 2:11, 2:9. 16:21, 28:7

I’m continually amazed at God’s love for us when it comes to freedom and choices.  The freedom to choose is a central way we image God.  God gave this freedom to Adam and Eve from the very beginning.  As best I understand it, love can only be love if there is freedom to choose. From desire, to direction, to decision, to devotion – freedom to choose is paramount.  

And with the freedom to choose, comes a most necessary quality of ‘being’ and of ‘engagement’ – Discernment.  What choice or decision or direction is best or better?  What is worse?  Is one choice right or wrong, or more right and more wrong?  What about good or evil?  With freedom comes discernment, responsibility, the need to be able to discriminate between these choices, directions, and resulting outcomes…

How can I gain a heart of understanding and discernment that leads to freedom?

How can we know which way to go, what choices are good and right?  Is it possible to gain wisdom in discernment between the two?  Is there guidance we can seek to live in the spaces and places of true freedom?  Is it even possible to cultivate goodness, righteousness, faithfulness – in pursuing wisdom?  Can true love and expressions of devotion be known and enjoyed in living life?   
The answer is ‘Yes!’  Not only did God create us for freedom, devotion, and faithfulness, God has made a way for us to be truly free, to choose what is good and right and better.  And with this WAY, he gives his grace and power, and avenues of relationship engagement with Him, to walk in freedom.

Scripture is filled from beginning to end with good news, about wisdom and discernment, guidance and choices, that lead to freedom.  Wisdom can be known through every direction the story takes – in both the wise and unwise, discerning and undiscerning directions.  Scripture also reveals to us a central barrier to wisdom and discernment – a sinful nature and resulting sin – leading us away from freedom.  But the good news of Jesus and his ‘Kingdom come and his will be done’, opens the door to freedom.  And more than that, gives us the grace and power to walk in freedom.  

And this brings me back to discernment, how can we gain it?  Jesus uses the language of a ‘narrow road’, and in finding it, it leads to life (call it freedom).  There is another road that is ‘broad’, and many find it, and it leads to destruction (call it slavery).  And so we are back to choice and discernment.  What will we choose? 

In preparation for Sunday, read Galatians 5:1 (Text of the Quarter), Psalm 119:125, Philippians 1:9-11, and Proverbs 2:9. And ask, how can I gain a heart of understanding and discernment that leads to freedom?

Looking forward to Sunday. See you there,
 Pastor Mark