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Committed: The Adventure Awaits You in 2023!

Guest Speaker Pastor Larry Kelderman

Committed: The adventure awaits you in 2023!

Psalm 37:5

Plan: General and specific – Jeremiah 29:11-14a
Pursuit: All of me, for all of him – Jeremiah 29:13
Prize: Doing the work of the kingdom – John 4:31-35

Resolution or Commitment?

God always calls us to commitment! His will, His way in every aspect and season of our life. Mark has been teaching on surrender and when you are at that place commitment is what is next! His will, His way! You see His plan, then you are ready to pursue what He has for you to do. The prize of making a difference in people’s lives. The gospel is about people! O Lord how may I share your love with someone today? Set up divine appointments, Holy Spirit encounters. Use me/us Lord, that I may produce fruit that remains. To your glory, Lord!