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God’s Will/My Will: Wisdom (of God)

God’s Will/My Will: Wisdom (of God)
Pr 9:10, 2:1-6, Romans 11:33-12:2

Wisdom.  What is it?  Where can it be found?  Why would one want to have it?  The search for wisdom is a continual human effort.  Sometimes we actively seek it, other times we stumble upon it.  Wisdom.  

The past two messages focused on a text from Proverbs 9:10, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  And we discovered in Scripture that the ‘fear of the Lord’ is intimately woven together with love and trust in the Lord.  So it would follow, that wisdom is gained in relationship to God.  Wisdom about anything.  

Wisdom is found in God.  And God’s wisdom best directs one’s life.  Where do YOU search for wisdom?  Where will YOU find it? 

When it comes to knowing God’s will, it would seem important to know God’s wisdom, and then it follows, the essential ingredient of gaining wisdom – knowing God.  In Scripture, wisdom is a relationship word.  Wisdom is, and is gained in, a ‘knowing’ relationship with God, a ‘knowing’ relationship of God.  

Sure, wisdom can be gained in many ways from many things – the study of things, from experiences of good and bad choices, from reading and reflecting – yet, without being connected to the source and being of wisdom, God – any knowledge, information, understanding is lacking or misses its mark.  

Wisdom is found in God.  And God’s wisdom best directs one’s life.  Where do you search for wisdom?  Where will you find it?  The plan, Lord willing of course, will be to make the Biblical case for wisdom being found in a relationship with the Living God.  For wisdom, is a relationship word.  

Our Text’s for Sunday: Proverbs 9:10, 2:1-6, 13-18 and Romans 11:33-12:2.  The question we will share with one another today, in what way (identify one or two) can we gain wisdom?  We will also be having Download discussion time following the service,

May the way of wisdom, found in God, guide your steps,
   Pastor Mark