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Sabbatical Review/ Thank you!

Sabbatical Review/Thank You! The Gift you gave enriched my Relationship with God and with Deone
Communion 1021

Crestview Faith Family,

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a weekly email and I’m looking forward to seeing you!  Sunday will be our first worship service of the fall season and we will kick it off with a fellowship meal after worship (potluck sharing), a fellowship meal during the service (The Lord’s Supper), and we get to meet with God together.  So come ready to worship, feast and fellowship.  

My desire in the coming months is to explore together the intersection of God’s will and our will.  When it comes to God’s will and our will, Eugene Peterson says, “The intersection of God’s Will and my will is the center of everything.  How do they intersect?  It’s the central question of everything.  Not a special religious question, it’s the question.”  Our discovery of insights and answers to this question inform our lives in the most significant ways that life’s gift can embrace, embody, and engage.  When we understand better the intersection of God’s will and our will, we will begin to worship well, love well, care for others and the world well. Not to mention finding joy and peace while engaging in a life of deep meaning and purpose.   

This will take us to the heart of God’s Word, turning our gaze to creation and redemption, bringing us to purposeful response and engagement…  and many more places… looking forward to Sunday for feasting and fellowship.

Filled up!  
Pastor Mark