Pastor Mark's Reflections

Pastor Mark’s Second Summer Reflections

August 2022

Good Morning Crestview Church,

I’m writing this little update on a Sunday morning, thinking of all of you as you faithfully gather for worship, and missing the company we share on a regular basis in worship, communion, and community.  As sabbatical crosses the halfway point, I am deeply grateful for this time.  Since the last update, we have been able to spend some wonderful time with Anna on her summer visit to Colorado.  Deone and Anna were able to road trip to California and back.  I spent a couple weeks with friends in the wilderness and trails of Colorado bikepacking, glamping, touring and racing.  Celebrated Deone’s Birthday! Went to a stadium packed Lumineers, Daniel Rodriguez, and Gregory Alan Isakov concert in Denver.  Multiple hiking excursions… lots of outdoor joy.  

I’ve also been reading and journaling of course trying to encompass all that is being learned.  God is speaking all the time.  And the intentionality of conversations I have been having along with the mentoring and excellent reading, I am excited about what God is revealing.  I’ve had a few impactful experiences particularly on the Vapor Trail, more to tell about that after my return…  

When it comes to understanding the Holy/Human weave that is our life on earth, and our lives together with both God and with one another, it goes deep.  Once you begin to seek, it’s amazing what you find.  The key to understanding God’s will and it’s weaving with our will, God’s plan and it’s weaving into our plans, involves… the Glory of God, the Fear of the Lord, the Wisdom of God, Surrendering to God, Humility, The Presence of God in suffering/loss/sorrow, Forgiveness, Surrender, Regular Examen, Discrimination/Discernment, God’s Sovereignty… you see where this is going?  Deep. 

I sense a fall preaching/teaching series coming soon… you got that right!

As we enter the final phase of this sabbatical time it will involve much rest, exploration, adventure, writing, reading, and reflecting for sure.  It engages a significant time with Deone on a road adventure trip and ends with a week solo time with God to coalesce all that has been seen, heard, and experienced.

See you in person in September, looking forward to it, and thank you for your prayers – keep them coming!