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By Grace Through Faith: Part 2

Guest Speaker Pastor Joy Englesman: By Grace Through Faith: Part 2


By Grace Through Faith: Part 2
Luke 7:1-10; Ephesians 2: 8-9

You’ve heard of “amazing grace,” but have you ever considered “amazing faith?” What did Jesus notice about the faith of the centurion in our text that would make him declare that this was “amazing faith?” When we look a little closer it seems that Jesus’ understanding of faith is upside-down from what our expectations might be. The faith that binds us to Christ has unique features of compassion, humility and simplicity.

This summer we are exploring together ways in which our sabbatical rest draws us to be like Christ. This message will help us to see that the faith that saves is a gift of God that invites us to embrace and mimic the character of Christ.