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Palm Sunday: Lent 6: Paul on Life and Death

Difficult to believe that Sunday is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Passion Week, 2022.  Sunday, we welcome Michael Fowler to Crestview, leading our worship team and leading us in our Palm Sunday worship service.    

“Here are some things about Michael.  ‘I grew up in the rural Midwest in a Pastor’s home. I came to faith at a very young age. I graduated from Evangel University in Springfield, MO where I met my wife Laurel. We have three adult children. Our daughter lives in Spain and our two boys are both in College in Ft Collins.  I spent many years as an associate pastor in medium and large churches. In 2006 we decided to stop moving and raise our children in Arvada. I became a full time freelance music teacher.  My work is a true blessing as I have the opportunity to train young people to play for Worship.  Laurel is a teacher as well. I love people, love to sit and just listen to someone’s story. I love the word of God and studying with people.’ Welcome Michael!

What does Jesus’ life, death and resurrection influence in your life… Everything.

We continue with our series on Paul and the Roman World: Engaging Gospel and Culture by focusing on a prevalent theme: Life and Death.  I wonder every year in reflecting on the Triumphal Entry, what was going on in Jesus’ heart and mind, knowing that by week’s end, he would give his life as a ransom for many.  

Paul’s life is dramatically transformed after meeting the risen Jesus.  And his views of life and death are dramatically influenced.  Jesus’ life, death and resurrection alter Paul’s life forever.  Jesus becomes an endless source of hope, joy, strength and endurance, courage, and purposeful living.  Jesus’ death and resurrection is a guarantee of what is to come.  All of this allows Paul to live boldly in faithfulness to the Lord.  

How would Paul answer the question, “What does Jesus’ life, death and resurrection influence in your life?”  Answer: “Everything.” 

Passion Week:

  • Good Friday Service: 6:30pm – Service of Shadows
  • Easter Sunday Service: 9:30am followed by fellowship feast.

See you Sunday,
    Pastor Mark