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Challenging Status: Wealth, Women, Children and Slaves

New Message Series: Paul and the Roman World – Engagement of Gospel and Culture

Challenging Status: Wealth, Women, Children and Slaves

Phil 2, Gal 3, Col 3, Eph 4

A couple weeks into the new series on Paul and the Roman World and I am lovin’ it.  As the fledgling early church navigates its way, following the Holy Spirit’s lead in bringing together people from different walks of life, some unexpected surprises develop.  Jews and Gentiles united in the worship of the Israelite God?  

Jews and Gentiles united in the worship of the Israelite God?

Sharing meals and their lives together around a common table engaged in everyday community?  Wow.

And this week we see Jesus, Paul, and the early church community shattering the ‘status’ – status quo.  Common attitudes and practices between poor/rich, men/women, parent/child, slave/free were being broken down.  The barriers of animosity and separating practices were being broken down in this new church of THE WAY.  

As we take a closer look at the Roman world, we begin to see the radical counter cultural community demonstrated by followers of Jesus.  It was beautiful and attractive.  But not so welcomed by the Roman world.  It functioned in every area of society much differently than the early church.  What are those differences?  and what makes THE WAY of Jesus so counter-cultural?  Sunday, we will peel back a few layers together.  

And what we will see is everything hinges on the person of Jesus and a firm and central identity in HIM.    What does it look like?  We will take a look at Galatians 3, Colossians 3, Philippians 2, Ephesians 4, and a story about Jesus from John 13.  

This week, Lent begins with an Ash Wednesday Service, 7:00pm, a prayer of reflection, prayer, and conversation with God.  There will be no livestream for our Ash Wednesday service due to the format of the service.  We invite you to come in person with others before God on Ash Wednesday, March 2nd.  

Sunday is coming!  Looking forward to meeting for worship with you,
   Pastor Mark