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Paul and the Roman World: Bringing Jew and Gentile Together

New Message Series: Paul and the Roman World – Engagement of Gospel and Culture

Bringing Jew and Gentile Together


Last week we embarked on a new message series: Paul and the Roman World – The Gospel and Culture.  Paul is a prominent writer of New Testament scripture, having written 13 of the 27 books.  Scripture says that Paul is ‘God’s chosen instrument’ to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles, rulers and kings, and the people of Israel.  

Paul is uniquely suited for this calling with a ‘Greek tongue, a Roman mind, and a Hebrew Heart.’ 

Paul is uniquely suited with a ‘Greek tongue, a Roman mind, and  Hebrew heart.’

As Paul engages God’s people and the culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, many issues rise to the surface that need navigating.  How do Gentiles and Jews ‘become one’?  How does the Gospel address divisions between races, the sexes, of rich and poor, free or enslaved?  How does the Gospel inform and transform everyday life in expressions of faith for the body, mind and soul?  What is the call to ‘suffering’ that Paul speaks so much about, and how does the Gospel inform and transform matters of life and death?  

This week, we look at a major challenge of both the Roman Empire and the early church.  They both had this in common: How do you unify a group of diverse people under one banner in life and living?  For the Roman Empire, this was a tall task.  As they conquered so many people groups and cultures, what are the key things that unify a vast empire?  The same was true for the church.  As Jews and Gentiles were being united in Christ, what would keep them together in the face of so many different starting points, life habits and practices, beliefs and patterns of behavior?  

Paul spends much passion, persuasion, papyrus, and ink on this problem and solution.  We will take a closer look at what Paul teaches us about two becoming one in Christ.  We will gather around Word and the table Sunday, celebrate communion as well.  See at the Table!

Pastor Mark