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Who Is Paul? And Intro to The Letters

New Message Series: Paul and the Roman World – Engagement of Gospel and Culture

Paul and the Roman World: Who is Paul and Intro to the Letters 
Acts 9-31, Gal 1

After a 6 week series on the Armor of God, we will begin a new series, Paul and the Roman World – Engagement of Gospel and Culture.  This series will take us up to Easter, April 17th, with a two-week interruption on March 20 and 27, revisiting two themes from two years ago, at the beginning of coronavirus outbreak.  Promises to be a good journey through Lent, arriving at Passion Week 2022.

Sunday, we begin our new series by looking at the person of Paul.  Who was he?  Why did God choose Paul to be his chosen instrument?  We will also take a look at Paul’s conversion and calling more closely from Acts 9:1-31 and Galatians 1.  

We will see that Paul was uniquely equipped to be God’s chosen instrument for the Gospel in his time and place.  There’s more to it – YOU also have been uniquely equipped to be God’s chosen instrument for the Gospel in this time and place.  Do you believe that?  

You also have been uniquely chosen.

To understand this truth goes a long way to giving life purpose and meaning.  Paul and the early church were birthed in the midst of a Roman world.  Not unlike the world of today.  We must understand our conversion and calling.  God’s given the invitation, we simply need to enter in, seek, and find.  

Looking forward to the start of a new series, 
   In Jesus name,  for his glory and kingdom,
       Pastor Mark