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Advent 2: Gratitude-Loving God

Message Series: Feasting on the Heidelberger!

Advent 2: Feasting on the Heidelberger: Gratitude – Loving God
LD 34-38

Download the Heidelberg Catechism Notebook, LD 34-38 PDF

It’s Advent week two, 2021!  “…on those living in the land of deep darkness, a light has dawned!” (Isaiah 9:2) Sunday, we continue to tie together the theme of GRATITUDE in the Heidelberg Catechism into Advent, as we turn our eyes to loving God, one another, and self.  One of the primary ways we express gratitude for the gift of salvation in Jesus Christ is by reciprocating love for God.  How do we do that?  God spells it out for us in Scripture with the 1st table of the Law (10 commandments), it’s plain for all to see. Sunday, we will dive in, listening and discerning what God says about it all.  

Speaking of diving into God’s grace, we will be celebrating the profession of faith and baptism of Eric Armitage either this Sunday, December 5th.  That’s right, we will celebrate God’s grace and love with Eric in this step of faith.  So, after worship this Sunday, we will carpool/car train over to the reservoir near Cherryvale and Baseline to baptize Eric.  So, break out the wet suits… and the laughter and joy.  God is good.     

So, break out the wet suits… and the laughter and joy. God is good.

Couple other things of note: If you would like to go to Jesus on Colfax on December 12th, from 4-6pm for a BBQ dinner and see what it’s all about.
And join us in supporting Marisol Health and it’s partnership with families and children this holiday season.  Inquire with Luke Fowler and the Deacons if you need more information.  We have some families to bless this holiday season in gift giving and prayer.  And when the requests for gifts are filled, I’m sure financial donations would be appreciated.   

And… this month of December, we have special giving to each and every one of our supported missionaries.  Join in the blessing.  Tis’ the season for GRATITUDE and for GIVING and for sharing LOVE.  

In Jesus name,
    Pastor Mark