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God the Son

Message Series: Feasting on the Heidelberger!

God the Son

LD 11-19

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Sisters and brothers in Christ,
In my devotions this week, the daily prayer has been: 

Almighty God, send your transforming power into my life as I seek to serve you this day.  Grant me wisdom, courage, grace, and strength to faithfully fulfill the ministry to which you have called me.  In the name of Jesus, my faithful Savior, and in the power of the Holy Spirit, my breath of life.  Amen

It’s a trinitarian prayer.  We engage in this kind of relationship with God all the time, without consciously knowing it.  I suspect it’s because God reveals himself in these three ways, as Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit with regularity – this is Scripture’s testimony.  It is a way God relates to us, and we relate back to God, and have a relationship with God.  The church over time has come up with the term ‘Trinity’ to define this revelation of God as three distinct persons, yet, One God.

Did you know that the word ‘Trinity’ isn’t in the Bible?  

Did you know that ‘Tinity’ isn’t in the Bible?

Why then do we profess this about God?  (Apostles Creed) Did you know that there are essentially three main religions that hold fast to a monotheistic (one God) foundation?  Can you name them? Yet, Christianity has the belief of three distinct persons, yet, One True God.  

Where does this idea of ‘Trinity’ come from?  Simple answer: God’s Word.  Yet, the trinitarian nature of God, yet One, is wonderfully complex. And so, we are brought back to faith.  Know that the historical Biblical Christian faith has affirmed this truth about God over and over again.  When the Heidelberg Catechism moves to the revelation of God from Scripture and asks “What is it that we believe?”, it points us to the Apostles Creed… “I believe in God the Father, Almighty… I believe in Jesus Christ, his only begotten Son our Lord… I believe in the Holy Spirit…” This is definitelytrinitarian.  

So here we are, focused on what it is we believe.  Last week, the focus was on God the Father.  This week, the focus is on God the Son, Jesus.  Next week, the focus will be on God the Holy Spirit.  What is it we believe about our 3 in 1 God?  You are invited to tune in, whether in person or on the couch, as we explore Scripture’s testimony to these things.  

In the name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, three revelations of God, yet One, 

Pastor Mark