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What Is Faith? A Trampoline, A Brick Wall, Or A Dance?

Message Series: Feasting on the Heidelberger!

What is Faith? A Trampoline, a Brick Wall, or a Dance?

LD 7-8, 23-24

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 Crestview family,
I’ve been reflecting on our Heidelberg Catechism series thus far and find my teaching/preaching in need of fresh direction.  So I want to approach this Sunday differently.  I would like to begin with your input about the topic of faith.  In your faith walk with God, what are the questions?  If you would ask God any question that troubles you, or you wonder about, particularly as you understand faith – what would it be?  For example: Why does God allow some people to die so young?  Why does it seem that law breaking people ‘get away with it’ and people who cheat get rich?  If we can ask God for forgiveness at our last breath – why strive for a godly life in the present?  Either God is in control of everything and all the crap we see today is part of his plan (which I don’t want to accept), or it’s all out of control (which sucks too).  What’s up?  All of these are legitimate questions, all of them influencing faith.  Give me one or two of your biggest questions about Faith?   

And here’s a comparison I can use your opinion on: Is faith more like a brick wall or a trampoline?  

Is faith more like a brick wall or a trampoline?

 No need to explain, simply one or the other –  brick wall or trampoline?  That’s all I’m revealing at this point.  Appreciate your help this week,
See ya Sunday, 

Pastor Mark