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Along Comes a Mediator

Message Series: Feasting on the Heidelberger!

Along Comes a Mediator

LD 5-6

Download the Heidelberg Catechism Notebook, LD 5-6 PDF

Last week we delved into the depths of our Biblically grounded sin, misery, and GUILT.  THANKS BE TO GOD!!! – this reality comes face to face with the immense magnitude of God’s Biblically grounded love, mercy, and GRACE.  This changes everything.  

We deserve punishment.  What are we to do?  God’s justice must be satisfied.  Can we save ourselves?  Can another creature take our place?  

The Heidelberg Catechism, after a relatively short excursion in the depths, makes a stunning transition to bring us back to the surface – like divers breath, releasing from the depths, and rising to the surface, bursting into sunlight.    

We need a Mediator … but who?

Must be a human being.  Must be human, only a human being can pay for human sin.  Must be God, only God can bear the weight of God’s wrath.  

There’s a lot of ‘meat to eat’ and ‘tofu to go through’ in Lord’s Day 5 and 6.  So strap on your seatbelt, this message pulls some theological freight, and requires some mental speed on the open road of one’s mind and heart.  

It’s time to turn the page and bust a move from our GUILT to God’s GRACE.  How do we turn this life changing page?  FAITH!  (Lord’s Day 7…. hush… that’s for next week.)

See ya Sunday, the day the Lord has made (I guess I can say that about every day!),

Pastor Mark