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Radical Hospitality

New Message Series: Keeping the Main Thing, the Main Thing

Radical Hospitality

The Bible!

Four weeks: Keeping the Main Thing the Main ThingChrist Centered, Biblically Grounded, and Engaged in Authentic Community and Radical Hospitality.  This Sunday, September 19th, 2021, we complete this four week series with the theme of Radical Hospitality.  

Hospitality is found in the heart of God.  Who created all things, animate and inanimate, out of his goodness and heart of hospitality.  As the Biblical story unfolds, the ongoing revelation of God’s heart for hospitality grows even more radical, poignantly displayed in Jesus Christ.  

When stepping back from the narrow picture of everyday life to seeing the bigger picture of history, the radical nature and character of God’s hospitality can be better seen and understood – a constant and ever present faithfulness.  Yet, it doesn’t seem right to limit God’s hospitality to the bigger picture and neglect to see God’s hospitality everyday, as God’s good gifts, astounding mercy, and superior love flow to us every moment of every day. 

God’s Radical Hospitality brings us back to Christ Centeredness and Biblical Groundedness, and forms the foundation for Authentic Community… and provides great inspiration for extending God’s love and hospitality to others – God’s love is RADICAL.  

Our Mission/Vision at Crestview Church is to Glorify God, Become Like Christ, and join God in the Building of his Kingdom.  Thus, we are a Christ Centered, Biblically Grounded, engaged in Authentic Community and Radical Hospitality kind of place.  

Sunday, we worship outdoors again – weather permitting, Lord willing.  Weather looks good today for Sunday, if any change in plans to move indoors, we will alert everyone Saturday.  We will also celebrate the Lord’s Supper, communion, together!  Special offering this month: The Niebur’s.  

See you Sunday,
   Pastor Mark