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The Major Message of the Minor Prophets – It’s a Wrap!

Current Message Series: Minor Prophets

The Major Message of the Minor Prophets – That’s a Wrap!

Books of the Minor Prophets

From Mother’s Day in May to today, we have been on a journey through the minor prophets – 12!  Week to week we have focused on a specific minor prophet.  How was God’s message communicated?  Why was it communicated? And what was its impact for God’s people then, and now, for us today?   

Sunday, we will finish our minor prophet series with a big picture view.  What is the main message of the minor prophets when viewed together?  We have the advantage of being able to look back over history and revelation to see what was spoken then, see what God has done in Jesus Christ, and see history from then all the way to the present day.  

I have not had an experience in some time where I sat down to read, study, and reflect on a message – and then when sitting down to write, it flowed in one uninterrupted, free flowing message.  It happened this week.  As I sat down to write and reflect on the major message of the minor prophets, THE WORDS JUST FLOWED.  It was a wonderful experience.  

So this Sunday, we will let it flow, and may God be glorified, God’s Son exalted, and God the Holy Spirit move freely among us.

In Jesus name,
    Pastor Mark