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The Following Adventure

Welcome Guest Speaker Shawn Sikkema


The Following Adventure

Mark 1:14-20

This week, Shawn Sikkema, the former pastor of Eastern Hills Church in Aurora, now founder and current Director of Jesus on Colfax in Denver, CO will be with us August 15th.  Shawn has been a colleague and friend for many years.  In 2002, 19 years ago, Deone and I came out to CO to look at planting a church in the newly formed communities of Frederick., Firestone, Dacano area East of I-25.  Shawn and Rick Ebbers from The Journey were our main contacts for that visit.  I have been to East Colfax and Shawn’s ministry a few times over the past couple years.  Jesus on Colfax is one of the ministries supported through our Classis ministry shares.  Shawn has a Kingdom heart, loves Jesus and has invested deeply in the relationships on East Colfax.       

Welcome Shawn!  Thanks for making the trip up to worship with us and share the Word and your ministry.  In Jesus name,

    Pastor Mark