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Minor Prophet? Zechariah: God’s Encouragement and Restoration

Minor Prophet? Zechariah: God’s Encouragement and Restoration

Book of Zechariah

Crestview Family, this Sunday and next, August 1st and 8th, we have an opportunity to interact with two of our supported missions: James and Cheryl Cloyd will be with us this Sunday and Dewayne and JoAnn Niebur the next.  Looking forward to some interview interaction with each during our morning worship service.  This Sunday, we will have a brunch following our worship service with the Cloyd’s.  Bring a dish to pass and join in the fellowship!

We are nearing the completion of our series on the Minor Prophets with Zechariah For Sunday.  Zechariah is a contemporary of Haggai, whose message focuses on the restoration of Jerusalem, return of exiles from Babylon, rebuilding of the temple, and the coming of the kingdom of God and a future Messianic King.  His message comes with visions of a measuring line, golden lampstands, olive trees, a flying scroll, a woman in a basket, chariots, one being pierced, a shepherd and sheep… Without getting lost in the weeds, we will focus on Zechariah’s message of faithfulness, first things first, 

“faithfulness is small things in the face of unfulfilled expectations and disappointments. “

What do we do when the barriers of self-preoccupation, opposition from outside enemies, infighting among God’s people, and low morale hamper, interfere, and frustrate God’s Kingdom coming in all its fullness? Zechariah gives some needed encouragement.  Some thoughts for Sunday on this: What do we do, what can we do?  Zechariah reminds us of the Sovereign Rule of God, the Messiah has come and is coming again, there is hope in God’s promises, and keep 1st things first, remaining steadfast in the small things.  

See you Sunday, a worship service, time with the Cloyd’s and a fellowship brunch,

    In the name of Jesus,
       Pastor Mark