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Minor Prophet? Haggai: God’s Honor and Sovereignty in All Things

Minor Prophet? Haggai: God’s Honor and Sovereignty in All Things

Book of Haggai

Nine down, three to go – minor prophets that is.  Sunday is the Book of Haggai.  Every week thus far there has been much messaging about judgment and salvation in God’s desire to call his people back to obedience and flourishing.  How is flourishing defined?  “vigorous, active, successful and healthy growth”  How is it defined Biblically?  SHALOM – things are as they are supposed to be, as they are created by God to be.  

The Book of Haggai gives us something new to ponder.  God is calling Haggai to bring a prophecy calling God’s people to restore the Temple, the central place and space of worship for the people of Israel.  Today, this message brings us mixed feelings.  What’s the big deal about a building?  The worship of God can happen anywhere at any time, what’s so important about a building?  Isn’t it true that where 2 or 3 are gathered in God’s name, he is present?  Stephen preaches this, “The Most High God doesn’t dwell in houses made with human hands.”  It’s about people right?  Not a building.  

Yet, the Book of Haggai encourages us to not throw out the baby with the bath water.  There is a purpose to places of worship.  After all, people have been gathering for worship forever, whether in a tent, a tabernacle, a temple, a synagogue, an outdoor amphitheatre… 

It seems that with the temple in ruins at the time of Haggai, the centrality of God in everyday life was also in ruins.  The two seem to go together, influencing one another toward flourishing or toward famine.  Haggai is only two chapters, yet packed with wonderful truth to ponder.  Reading between the lines it seems that God asks a question in Haggai, 

“Which will it be?  The centrality of God in living or something else?  Will it be flourishing or famine?”  Seems like we have a choice.   

I’ve been wondering as churches, cathedrals, places of worship are currently being burned to the ground in Canada, targets of arson and hate, and there doesn’t seem to be much of an outcry.  Is this an indication of the lack of the centrality of God in our everyday life and culture as well?  Must be some correlation, maybe significant correlation.  

Let’s see where the Holy Spirit goes as the Spirit’s wind blows new life into our societal woes.  We will celebrate communion Sunday!   See you soon at our corporate communal house of worship at 3665 Madison Avenue, Boulder, CO 80303!

Pastor Mark