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Minor Prophet? Nahum: God’s Justice and Will Avenge

Message Series: Minor Prophets

Minor Prophet? Micah: God’s Justice and Will Avenge

The Book of Nahum

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How important is it to share God’s story from one generation to another?  ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!  Here we are, in the Book of Nahum, 100 years after the prophecy of Jonah, and now, another prophesy to Nineveh.  In just two generations (guess that’s all it takes) the people of Nineveh forgot God and his salvation.  We tend to have long term memory loss when it comes to God’s salvation. We need reminders of God’s love.  It would be good for us to tell stories of God’s love and retell them over and over again so we don’t grow absent minded.   

Nahum (pronounced Nah-uum) reveals God to be ‘jealous, avenging and filled with righteous wrath’ while at the same time being ‘slow to anger, all together good, and a refuge in times of trouble.’  Is God both these things?  Yes.  Nahum’s name most likely means, “comfort.”  Is there comfort in understanding God in these seemingly contradictory ways, as Nahum reveals God to be?  Yes.    

Nahum’s message is a good one for those wondering about the age-old question, “How is it that the wicked prosper while the righteous suffer?”  God is revealed in Nahum as 
‘God with us’ in our present struggles and revealed as one who is ‘coming soon’ and will set things right.  

Looking forward to turning another page in the minor prophets,
    Pastor Mark