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Johan: God’s Concern for All People

Message Series: Minor Prophets

Jonah: God’s Concern for All People

The Book of Jonah

Service This Sunday will be held Outdoors

After 1/3 of our way through the minor prophets, we dive into the next 1/3 with Jonah, Micah, Nahum, and Habakkuk.  In preparation for Sunday, I encourage you to read the Book of Jonah in one sitting (4 short chapters).  And ask yourself, who is the main character?  Is it Jonah? The sailors?  The great fish?  The King of Nineveh?  The fig tree?  

And what is the central message of Jonah anyway?  In a book of the Bible filled with irony, a serious message is lurking.  In a book that some have dismissed as a children’s fairytale lies a profound message for lovers of God.  When tempted to laugh at Jonah as a bumbling, selfish prophet of God, we see ourselves.  When the message seems to be about the judgment of God, we find a more powerful reality – the relenting/unrelenting love of God.  

I’m looking forward to Sunday as we gather together for the purpose of worshipping God, revealed in Jonah as YHWH, the relational God, who is ‘Lord over heaven and earth’ and gracious, compassionate, slow to anger, and abounding in love.’ 

As Marci and Santi are grieving over the loss of her sister/his Aunt, we grieve with them.  As many are traveling this summer and away from Crestview (perhaps more than any year in recent history as people are feeling free to move about), God’s traveling mercies go with us.  As our world seeks answers to the biggest questions of our lives together, the purpose of our very existence, may all come to know our gracious and loving God, from whom all blessings flow.  Praying that God gives us love and courage to live, speak, and embody His truth and love in all of our relationships.       

Jonah: The Relenting/Unrelenting Love of God!  See you Sunday,

In Jesus name,  
    Pastor Mark