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Minor Prophet?: Joel: God’s Judgement and Hope

Series: Minor Prophets

Minor Prophet? Amos: God’s Judgement and Hope

The Book of AmosSunday we plan to take it outdoors – bringing our worship to the lawn, and by unintended consequence, to our neighbors as well.  We celebrate twin sacraments this Sunday with the Lord’s Supper during our worship time followed by the baptism of Alexandria Alais Hamilton, daughter of Sybil and Randolph.  We will witness as a community Sybil’s affirmation of faith and God’s promises to us and to Alexandria.  

The message for Sunday continues our series through the Minor Prophets with Amos.  Amos is known for a message of championing the poor.  Speaking of unintended consequences, sometimes our ‘best intended good’ can result in ‘not so good’ results.  And then there are the intended ‘not so good’ intentions that have intended consequences.  What does that have to do with Amos and a championing of the poor?  Well… let’s sit at Jesus’ feet as we hear the Word of the Lord through God’s prophet Amos… see where the Spirit takes us.

See you Sunday, for a feast prepared for us (communion, baptism, and Word),

Pastor Mark