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How Does Jesus Stack Up To Moses?

The  Centrality of Christ
A study in the book of Hebrews

What About Moses? How Does Jesus Stack Up To Moses?
Hebrews 3

The Book of Hebrews: 

  • Chapter 1 – Jesus is fully God and ‘no angel,’ he is far superior!
  • Chapter 2 – Jesus is fully human, been made perfect and the ‘pioneer of our salvation.’
  • This week, Chapter 3 – What about Moses?  How does Jesus stack up to Moses?

This is gonna be fun.  The writer of Hebrews moves to comparing Jesus to Moses.  Moses, in Hebrew history and Jewish tradition is a monster figure of importance.  The closest thing to Biblical ‘sainthood.’  I almost tripped through the entire book of Exodus on Tuesday prepping for this message.  Moses is quite a story.  His life is Biblically epic.  Yet, when it comes to Jesus, Moses is but a mere shadow of what has been revealed in Jesus.  

Much of the message Sunday will focus on Moses.  Why?  Because the writer of Hebrews assumes you know everything about Moses.  We can’t afford to assume that together.  So we will go back (to Exodus) in order to go forward in understanding Hebrews’ message for us today.  

Sunday, March 14th, The Centrality of Christ: What about Moses?  Hebrews 4.
See you then – snow storm, hell or high water, with livestream, the message goes on,

Pastor Mark