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Fully Human/Fully God

The  Centrality of Christ
A study in the book of Hebrews

Fully Human/Fully God
Hebrews 2

As we enter into our second week of the Book of Hebrews, and further into Lent, I have been reminded of what is central in life.  From the get go, the Book of Hebrews puts Jesus front and center of everything.  This is more than a statement of truth and confession.  It affects everything in life.  

For example, it shapes my desires and my sense of worth.  In Jesus, ‘being’ is more important than having, and to some extent, doing.  In Jesus, I’m more than the result of my efforts, I’m a child of God.  In Jesus, the love I express finds it source in a greater love rather my own attempts at ‘willing it into existence.’  In Jesus, the healing words I may speak are not simply my own, they are His.  

To have Jesus at the center of my life means that the Holy Spirit ‘rules’ my life.  This rule is not one of domination, manipulation, exploitation and the like, rather, one characterized by compassion and service.  It means, as Henri Nouwen stated a couple of days ago in a Lenten devotional, ‘having my competitive selfhood unmasked, giving up imaginary identity distinctions, and clinging to a new self and identity in Christ.’  

With Jesus at the center of my life and all things, I am free of greed and desire for power.  It allows me to enter into relationships with others free of distance and fear.  Allows me to enter into the suffering of others.  The list of possibilities and opportunities to live life in Christ are everywhere and in everything.   

If… If… If… I surrender my daily life to Jesus.  That is the most challenging part of it all.

Sunday we take a look at Hebrews Chapter 2.  Chapter one focused on Jesus being ‘fully God.’  Chapter 2 focuses on Jesus being ‘fully human.’  Why are both of these necessary?  To understand the answer to that question about Jesus just may be the beginning of wisdom and knowledge.

Abiding in Him,