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The  Centrality of Christ
A study in the book of Hebrews

Hebrews 1

The Day of the Lord six week series has sailed.  And the Centrality of Christ ten message Lenten series based on the Book of Hebrews has docked into port!  We will work our way through the Book of Hebrews up though Passion Week and our Easter celebration.  

Who wrote the book of Hebrews anyway?  A few possibilities… What does the Book of Hebrews have to say?  Much about the centrality and supremacy of Jesus Christ.  In a day where everyone questions everything, Hebrews provides an amazing apologetic lineup of reasons why Jesus is an absolute truth.  In chapter 1, the writer makes the claim that Jesus is ‘God’s final word!’ and then backs it up with explanations of comparison to angels, Moses, fully God/fully man, a fulfillment of the law, a superior priest, a fulfillment of sacrifices and the Sabbath, superior in faith and perseverance and an eternal source of encouragement… you get the picture.  JESUS IS SUPREME!  When you come to the knowledge and realization that God exists and that Jesus is God, my existence can no longer be at the center, because my existence derives its total being from His.  What are the implications of this truth?  Everything… because everything flows from Him.        

We begin this Sunday with a look at Hebrews chapter 1, The Centrality of Christ: Supreme!  Regarding God’s Final Word and Angels.  We will celebrate communion together this Sunday as well.  

Grace and Peace!!

Pastor Mark