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Avoid Idleness

Already But Not Yet – The Day of the LORD
Avoid Idleness

2 Thessalonians 3

Good Day… the Lord has created and called it into existence!  What are you going to do with it that reflects his good gift?  This week we entered into Lent season 2021.  Lent has been a space and place in the church calendar year when God’s people around the globe enter into a time of repentance, reflection, and renewal.  It is a time of preparation of the heart for Passion Week culminating in an Easter celebration.  It’s a great opportunity every year for recalibration when it comes to all matters of faith and life.    

This year we will focus on the Book of Hebrews during Lent.  The Book of Hebrews functions much like an apologetic writing.  It is dominated with vignettes of illustrating Jesus’ superiority and centrality, stacked up one after the other.   I have never spoken a series of messages from the Book of Hebrews.  Excited to do so.    

I am looking forward to exploring in greater depth the various areas of Jesus’ superiority the writer expounds on.  I also believe this will be a great focus for our faith community at this time in history.  As everything is questioned today, including basic tenets and beliefs of Christian faith, Hebrews will be apropo in grounding us in the centrality of Jesus Christ in all things. This should also help us focus on the purpose of Lent.  

Before we dive into Hebrews, one more week of The Day of the Lord to complete the series.  Our text for Sunday is from 2 Thessalonians 3, Avoid Idleness.  We will explore the concept of work in our exploration of the text.  What do you think?  Is ‘work’ good or bad?  What are the purposes behind ‘work’ and some of its goals?  What do you think was the main problem in the Thessalonian church that Paul addresses in this chapter?  

See you Sunday!  
   Pastor Mark  

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