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The Ten Virgins

The Ten Virgins
Matthew 25: 1-13

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, this week we continue with our theme, Already, But Not Yet – The Day of the Lord, by looking at three parables of Jesus over the next three week: The Ten Virgins, Bags of Gold, The Sheep and the Goats.

Context matters in order to better understand any text of Scripture.  In preparation for Sunday’s message, read Matthew Chapters 23-24.  These chapters set up the next three weeks of parables from Matthew 25.  Looking forward to diving into the text with you from Matthew 25:1-13.  What does it mean to be ready for Jesus’ return?  How does it look?  What does it mean and look like to ‘put oil in our lamps’?  See you Sunday, online or in person, we will engage the Word together, anyway we can.      

In the name and power of our risen Lord Jesus,
Pastor Mark