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Advent 2020: Wonderful Counselor

Welcome Guest Speaker: Pastor John Terpstra

Wonderful Counselor
Isaiah 9: 1b-7

Handel made this text familiar by using this text as the basis for part one song 12 of Handel’s Messiah. 

The theme of my message is that this prophecy was originally fulfilled during the reign of King Hezekiah in Judah around 700 BC.

It was fulfilled completely and marvelously by King Jesus in 30 A.D. and the challenge is for us to continue fulfilling this prophecy of hope for the hopeless as we serve our servant king today. 

According to all of scripture, and Isaiah in particular, our hope is for a new day where there is peace and justice and the needs of the marginalized are addressed and met. This day is finally fulfilled in Jesus Christ and the challenge is for his followers today to continue to fight to bring about his reign in our lives and all of our neighbors as well. 

Until Sunday,
John Terpstra

From Pastor Mark:

Crestview family,
The holidays are upon us.  When it comes to Thanksgiving, what are you grateful for and how is your gratitude manifesting itself in your life with those around you?  When it comes to Christmas, how is the spirit of humility and generosity manifesting itself in your life with those around you?  As followers of Jesus, these two holidays provide opporunity for our light to shine.  In the midst of worldwide COVID, God has given us life and ability to be the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus.  Our holiday plans have been greatly altered this year and yet we are grateful to God for his immesurable gift of love and unbelievable storehouse of blessings showered on us.  

As we celebrate Thanksgiving 2020 may it be a time of giving thanks and of thanks giving.  As we begin Advent this coming Sunday, may it be a season of continued longing for God’s kingdom come and of his light shining in the darkness.  The supreme gift of Jesus is THE GIFT of hope for the world.  And it is a gift that keeps giving.  So lean into God’s love through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior this holiday season.  And don’t keep it to yourself – let others know!

I am passing on a devotional from Wycliffe.  It is something that can keep all of us on the same page during Advent with a weekly devotional throughout the season.  It has some good interactive activities and links to music, songs, etc.  Enjoy.   

Wycliffe Advent Devotional: Weary World Rejoices!

May your Thanksgiving 2020 be filled with gratitude as a weary world rejoices in God our Savior,

Pastor Mark