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It’s A Wrap!

It’s A Wrap!
James 5:12-20

This is it.  A conclusion to the Book of James.  Three months ago we began this 12 week journey.  Sunday, I plan to take a step back in reflecting on what has been and view it in light of James concluding words.  

For all of James ‘tough’ words and direct teaching, the goal is freedom.  The ‘gospel according to James’ is rich and freeing.  He warns of the pitfalls that develop in Christian community and points us to a better way.  After every difficult teaching he focuses our eyes on Christ.  “Ask God for what you need and he will give it.”  “Every good gift comes from God.”  “Mercy triumphs over judgment.”  “God gives even more grace.”  “The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.”  

James concludes his ‘gospel’ with further calls to humility.  Particularly through prayer.  “Is anyone in trouble?  Let them pray.”  An amazing way for us to conclude our journey through James.

Sunday, November 22nd, James 5:12-20, It’s a Wrap!  See you in the cloud… with online service and live streaming… rings true.  

Pastor Mark

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