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Taming the Tongue

Taming the Tongue
James 3:1-12

God’s word is timeless and relevant to all people of all time.  This week’s passage from James 3:1-12 reminds us of the power and purpose of God’s word, to shape us into the people he has redeemed us and called us to be.

Through the voice of James chapter 1, God encourages to ‘be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.’  Then in chapter 2, God encourages us to have our faith and deeds work together, for our faith profession to engage our faith expressions faithfully.  All the while bringing wisdom to how unity in community can flourish.    

And now in chapter 3, James powerfully and illustratively encourages us to keep close watch and control over our tongues.  James employs more than seven word images in only twelve verses to stimulate our senses and engage our experiences in order to gain a deeper understanding of the power of our tongue, words that are spoken one to another, for both blessing and curse.  James pours out much wisdom for us in James chapter 3.   

This week we are moving indoors for worship due to colder temperatures.  A special email will be sent to you soon with our guidelines and procedures for our safe worship together.  There will be a link in the guidelines to a signup genius for you to let us know of your attendance plans.  Please utilize this signup genius.  It will help us better prepare for the best and safest indoor worship experience for all.  Online streaming of the worship service will continue to be available.    

In getting ready for Sunday, read chapter three of James, only twelve verses, but packed with amazing illustrations and powerful insight.  How many illustrations can you see in these few verses?  How many comparisons between something small controlling something larger can you identify?  Looking forward to Sunday!

May the Peace of God, Grace of Jesus, and the Power of the Holy Spirit be with you,
Pastor Mark

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