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Faith and Deeds

Faith and Deeds
James 2:14-26

In our study of James, we have been exploring the relationship between faith and works and how it’s connected to salvation.  If you have a few minutes – check this video out: you do the math – igniter video

Does this help in getting a better handle on the relationship between faith, salvation, and works?  I hope at least a little. 

In Sunday’s text, James 2:14-26, James says point blank, “Faith without works is dead.”  He goes further to say it’s ‘barren’ and doesn’t have the power to ‘save or justify.’  James goes further to illustrate that faith is made ‘complete alongside works.’  

James Mitton once said, “It is a good thing to possess accurate theology or belief, but it is unsatisfactory unless that good theology also possesses us.”  Nice.  

James does an interesting thing in this passage by setting up a foil – an imaginary objector, “You have faith but I have works” and then begins to argue against this kind of thinking.  It’s quite effective how his teaching unfolds.    

What I want to know is if James’ teaching on faith and works is in conflict with Paul when he says, “It is by faith that we are saved.  Not of ourselves, it is a gift of God.”  Short answer is ‘no.’  A longer answer will come on Sunday – See you then!

To my brothers and sisters in Christ,
     Pastor Mark

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