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And So It Begins…The Book Of James

And So It Begins… The Book Of James

Sunday we intro into the Book of James.  It is believed by many that the author of James is Jesus younger brother.  This will add some ‘twists and turns’ for us in imagining how this reality plays out for Jesus younger brother as he becomes a leader in the Jerusalem church after Jesus’ death and resurrection.   James is known by historians as being zealous for righteousness and in his writing he pulls no punches.  He lands his powerful teaching straight to the jaw of believers.  He is known as ‘James the Just.’  So I am going to refer to him as ‘Justy James.’  I’ll explain that one further on Sunday.  

The NIV Study Bible says ‘The Book of James is intensely practical.”  That’s an understatement!  James, at every turn, encourages followers of Jesus to do what the word says, to give evidence of your faith through deeds.  This teaching of James created some trouble for some famous people like Martin Luther.  James’s strong emphasis on ‘Faith without Works is Dead’ messes with people’s understanding of grace.  Whether responding well to trials, praying fervently, controlling our tongues, cultivating wisdom and actions of peace, or using material resources to honor God, James emphasizes that ‘FAITH DOES.’  Strap on your seatbelt as James brings it to us straight.  Then unstrap your seatbelt and get moving – put your faith into action!

Also, notice the picture shown here of notes from last weeks sermon.  Morgan, our middle daughter has been doing this for years already.  As she takes in a message, she draws and takes notes – a live ‘sermon illustrator.’  I will share these from time to time as notes and images that may help bring the truth of God’s word to life – a reminder of where we were a week ago.

Peace to you in the name of Jesus, 

Pastor Mark