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The Power is Already in the Seed

The Power is Already in the Seed
The Gospel of Mark, ch 4

Crestview family, this week, we have a ‘tweener’ message between our series of Live Wide Awake (Summer 2020) and The Book of James (beginning September 6th – Nov 22nd).  This is a great opportunity to focus on a pointed emphasis of Jesus’ teachings on the Kingdom of God.    Jesus teaches about the Kingdom of God often in parables.  

Parables are short stories that open up a world of truth.  There is a concrete comparison in every parable of Jesus that isn’t a deep mystery to figure out.  Yet, every parable of Jesus about the Kingdom of God invites the imagination to wonder about its profound reality.  And Jesus teaches in parables knowing that some will understand and ‘get it’ and others will not.    

We will explore some truths about the Kingdom of God: What is it?  How do we see it?  Where do we recognize it?  How does it come into being?  How does it affect our everyday life?  Why is it important?  

Good stuff for Sunday.  Can’t go wrong with the Word of God.  We will be focusing on Mark chapter 4 where Mark weaves together a series of parables about the Kingdom of God and seeds.  One idea that will come through clearly is that the power of God is already in the seed.  And the seed will grow in God’s time and in God’s way.  Concrete comparisons can be understood from these parables about the seed while at the same time our imaginations can be encouraged to wonder about the reality of the Kingdom of God.

See you Sunday,
Pastor Mark