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Live Wide Awake: Trust!

We are in a new Summer Series from Laura Degroot’s book: Live Wide Awake

Luke 11, Matthew 6

It has been good to see people at our outdoor worship venue on the grounds of Crestview Church the past two weeks.  Live streaming also went well from the feedback we have received.  Let us know if you have any other feedback for us on how we can further enhance the experience for those of you who are attending from home.  

This week we wrap up our summer series that highlighted Scriptures based on the main themes from Laura DeGroot’s book, Live Wide Awake.  Thanks to Laura for her engagement with us over the summer through her book, bringing a message in the series, several conversations with me, and her engagement with the Women’s Bible Study.  

As we conclude our summer series this Sunday, I will give a brief sweeping review of the themes we encountered and then dive into a passionate presentation of what causes me to Live Wide Awake. This will include Scripture that provides kindling to the fire that fuels my life on a regular basis and various quotes by other LIve Wide Awake kind of people that stimulate my faith.  

I couldn’t keep up in the writing of this week’s message with the speed of my mind and heart in preparation.  When God’s truth and salvation, life and light, come together in the human heart, there is an explosion of sorts… That is what happened for me this week.  To God be the glory.

Looking forward to Sunday already, with the intentional window of time set aside to be in God’s Word and presence with you.  In this time where there is confusion, wondering, struggle, and challenges, it’s important to ‘cling to what is necessary’ (Gregory of Nyssa, 4th Century).   

As we step into the Book of James beginning Labor Day weekend, James 1:2-3 speaks of trials.  The ‘testing of our faith produces perseverance so we might be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”  What does that look like?  A preview of what is to come.

In Him,
Pastor Mark