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Live Wide Awake: Fear?!

We are in a new Summer Series from Laura Degroot’s book: Live Wide Awake

Matthew 14

Thank you God for Colorado weather where it seems like the sun is always shining and the breezes are always blowing!  As council and staff, we praise God for the good start to our outdoor worship and live streaming this past Sunday.  Special thanks to Vince Huffaker for researching and pulling off our livestream seamlessly and with quality!  We are looking to improve the experience by making some fine adjustments to it week to week.  

We are in the home stretch with our summer series thematically structured on Live Wide Awake, a book by author and former Crestview member, Laura DeGroot.  This Sunday we will focus on Laura’s chapter, Fear Knots.  So for the follower of Jesus, which is it, “Fear Knot” or “Fear Not!”  Be good to explore together some things about the nature of fear and its place in our lives.

How much space and time does fear occupy in your day to day life?  What are the things that bring you fear?  What are your fear ‘factors’?  How does the reality of God, God’s promises, his constant presence with you by way of the Holy Spirit inform your fear?  

Fear is a fact of life.  Fear is real.  Yet, Scripture has some things to say about fear and the place and space it should have in our lives.  See you Sunday, August 16th, 9:30am either in person or via livestream.  Probably gonna be 75 degrees and sunny – bring a sunhat, an umbrella, or a beach towel and catch some rays… God’s word should shed light on whatever else is needed. 

Been reading Amos 5 and Micah 6… ‘Seek the Lord… act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with God…”  The good Word for everyday, including today,

Pastor Mark