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Live Wide Awake: Becoming

We are in a new Summer Series from Laura Degroot’s book: Live Wide Awake

Mamma and Me by Manami Lingerfelt

Guest Speaker: Author Laura Degroot of Live Wide Awake
Ps 46, 103, 121, 2 Cor 4,5

Crestview family, dearly loved by God, we are making our way to the final segment of Laura’s book as this week we cross the halfway point of summer and our summer series.  This week, Laura DeGroot, the author of Live Wide Awake, is bringing the message based on chapter 7, Becoming a Mother.  Thank you Laura and welcome!  This coming week’s practices will take us to Psalm 46, 103, 121 and 2 Corinthians 4 and 5.  As Laura shares her story of becoming a mother, it is a story filled with deep grief and deep joy.  Her journey of becoming a mother is intertwined with the ‘becoming’ of her faith and the person she is today.  

All of us are shaped by processes of ‘becoming’.  We know from last week’s message, Wilderness, that God can and does use the circumstances and happenings of our life, the good and the bad, the easy and the difficult, the hurt and the joy, the situations resulting from our actions and choices, as well as those things that come to us of no doing of our own, in our own  ‘becoming.’  

These experiences bring up questions about faith and life.  Where do we go to find what we are looking for and needing in the processes of becoming?  How can we experience God in the midst of it all?  How can we ‘be’ and ‘live well’ with God and others as we seek out grace and live it out?  I’m sure you will be able to think of other thought provoking questions as you listen to Laura and dive into the practices.    

On another note, we met as council this past week and made some decisions about future  church worship gatherings in August as well as fall ministry at Crestview when the school year begins.  Details will be coming very soon.

In Jesus name,
Pastor Mark