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The Holy Spirit Life – Caring for the Sick

We begin a three week series on The Good Samaritan.

The Holy Spirit Life – Caring for the Sick
Luke 10: 25-37

For the next three weeks, we will be looking at the story of the Good Samaritan as told by Jesus, found in Luke 10:25-37.  This particular story brings some challenge to our life together in today’s context.  As necessary barriers to the face and social distancing practices affect every area of life, even in the midst of ‘reopening’ practices, we are challenged by Jesus to have eyes for the forsaken.  

This time is having an interesting effect for each of us on our ability to reach out and interact with others, including others in need.  There is a tendency toward suspicion and self-protection.  It makes sense, we are fighting a largely unknown, unseen, untamed virus.  I get it.  Yet, on the other hand, how can we as followers of Christ be people who ‘speak peace’, ‘love the forsaken and care for the sick and isolated’ when we are encouraged in every way to ‘stay away.’  

As we engage this story of Jesus for three weeks, coming at it with various emphasis and angles – may we with open hearts and open minds ask God to give us eyes to see, and the ability to engage ‘the stripped, beaten and left for dead’ persons on the side of the paths we travel day to day in this new reality we live in.  

May God’s compassion and mercy that he has poured out on each of us flow from you to others around you whom God places on the path of our lives.  

Special NoteBeginning June 7th and continuing through August 30th, we will engage in Laura DeGroot’s newly released book, Live Wide Awake – Engaging God’s Story, Embracing Yours.  Please order this book ASAP for you and others in your family or purchase an E-version. Week to week, the topics of the 12 chapters will give foundational themes for our summer messages and the book will provide discussion points for summer gatherings of on line or in person smaller groups.  More guidance and information to come.  For NOW, get ahold of this resource so we can all stay on he same page together through the summer!

Looking forward,
   Your servant in Christ,
      Pastor Mark