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Seven Paths: Greed – I’ll Have More of That Please!

Pastor Mark is resuming the message series: Seven Paths leading to darkness, Seven Paths leading to light. 

Seven Paths: Seven Paths: Greed – I’ll have more of that please!
Lk 12, 1 Tim 6, Eph 5

In Luke 12, Jesus is asked by two brothers, whose Father recently died, to settle a family inheritance matter.  Jesus gives a surprising answer, “Who am I to be the judge and mediator of this dispute?”  An extraordinary answer.  Isn’t Jesus the supreme Mediator and Judge?  

Instead, he confronts their squabble by addressing the issue of greed.  And he addresses the issue of greed by telling a short story that causes one to think about their mortality.  What does greed have to do with mortality anyway?  

Sunday, we will ask some good questions about this.  We will ponder our mortality.  Sound morbid?  It isn’t.  Sound depressing?  Far from it.  In contemplating our mortality, upon Jesus’ recommendation, we will find purpose in living.  At the same time, we will find the cure to greed.  (Generosity, gratitude, and contentment)      

Death is a reality that must be faced.  And Jesus has the answer to it.  How relevant a topic for today when we are reminded of our mortality and the mortality of others on the front page of the news every single day with a tally count of those who have died from COVID-19.  Can’t miss it, can’t ignore it, deny it, or push it away.    

Should we fear death?  That’s a trick question really.  It depends.  Why does Jesus have these two brothers reflect on their mortality in the midst of their squabble?  The answer isn’t spelled out, yet it’s in the story.  Rather than give you the answer right here, right now… See you Sunday.

You are invited to ‘come to worship’ Sunday with the Crestview Church diaspora, scattered about the front range, by way of Holy Spirit connection and the breath and wind of the internet… be there or be square, there is plenty to share,

In Him, Pastor Mark

Until Sunday, here are some more teachings from the Sermon on the Mount to chew on, Matthew Ch 7.