Pastor Mark's Reflections

Sermon on the Mount: Part 1: Come Follow Me!

‘When Jesus saw the crowds…’ is an amazing line in the Gospel of Matthew.  Jesus sees every one of us, the hurried and worried, the distracted and the distraught, the wayward and the self-righteous, the sick and the healthy.  So what does he do?  He announces “The Kingdom of God has come.”  He gives the invitation, “Follow me!”  And then sits on a hillside as his disciples gather around him, and the crowds gather around them and he begins to teach them (us)… More than that, he shows them (us)… This is the first of three clips of the Sermon on the Mount: ‘Come Follow Me!’ (Matthew 5)

Pastor Mark’s Reflection Video 4/16: Sermon on the Mount Part 1: Come Follow Me!