Pastor Mark's Reflections

Reflection: Seeing The Long View

From Pastor Mark 3/25/2020

In this time of myopic focus on the COVID-19 virus (necessary), it’s good to peek our heads above the clouds and see the long view. There is much to learn and understand from our present situation (and it will be a while before it’s known.).  While God has narrowed our focus on the day to day happenings of our life and world, I think in the midst of it, he encourages us to look up and see the long view. Wisdom literature in the Bible does that for me. It gives me the long view in times of trouble. The Lord of all History probably has the best vantage point, ya think? So here is a reflection from Ecclesiastes 3:1-14. It comes in 3 points: There is a time for everything (guess that includes COVID-19), He makes everything beautiful in His time, and there is nothing better for a person to do than be content and do good. Sounds like good medicine perspective in the midst of our shared COVID-19 experiences.