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The Hands of the Potter

Sun, Mar 1: A special service with ceramic specialist, Emilie Parker.

The Hands of the Potter

Jeremiah 18, Genesis 1-2, Isaiah 29, 45, 64, Zechariah 14, 2 Corinthians 4

We have officially entered into the Lent season with our Ash Wednesday Service on Wednesday.  We are also on a devotional journey together through Lent with a devotional booklet, a board, a hammer and some nails.  (See attached below). Please join us on this daily devotional journey!  There were supplies for this journey (board and nails) available this at church this past Sunday, past Wednesday at Ash Wednesday service, and will again be available this coming Sunday March 1st.  If you don’t have the supplies and would like to jump in now, find a board and some nails and download the attached document to get started!  It’s early in Lent so easy to catch up!

Sunday March 1st we have a potter, Emilie Parker, in the service with us to assist with the message, The Hands of the Potter.  Our children will remain in worship the entire time to experience this event.  Families, please sit towards the front of the sanctuary with your children so you can all enjoy this message. 

The following texts of Scripture will be mentioned during the message: Genesis 1-2; Isaiah 29, 45, and 64; Jeremiah 18; Zechariah 14; and 2 Corinthians 4.  Looking forward to this message God has for us.  See you Sunday!

May the Lord bless us as we journey with him through Lent,
Pastor Mark

View Lent Devotional Booklet Here