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Seven Paths/Choices: Pride – The Bigger it is the Harder We Fall

Sun, Feb 16: New Message Series: Seven Paths/Choices: Seven Paths/Choices Leading to Darkness, Seven Paths/Choices Leading to Light. This week’s message is: 

Seven Paths/Choices: Pride – The Bigger it is the Harder We Fall
Daniel 4:10-17, 29-37

The journey through the paths/choices that lead to darkness/light begins with the king/queen of all vices: PRIDE.  Pride has much to do with what the Bible calls ‘vain glory.’  Pride develops out of our excessive focus on self with everything from appearance, attention, and approval.  As with all of these deadly paths/choices, God provides a way out and forward.  The path of light that corresponds with the path of pride is HUMILITY.  

I like the analogy of a ladder to describe how pride works.  With each step upward when climbing a ladder the vantage point changes.  The higher we go, the smaller things at the base appear.  The higher we go the steeper the angle we look down on those things on the ground.  Remember the old adage, ‘the bigger they are the harder they fall.’  Here is how it applies to pride, ‘the bigger it is, the harder we fall.’  The ladder is again, a good analogy for pride, ‘the higher we climb (pride), the harder we fall.’     

Pride makes work of comparisons, leading us to speak and think of others as ‘less than’ while at the same time elevating ourselves to ‘more than.’  Pride erodes the foundation of friendship and community.  What is the path to keep our pride in check?  Humility.  I invite you to explore definitions of humility this week.  How would you define its essence?    

Isn’t it interesting that Jesus begins his ministry by inviting us to follow him.  From the beginning Jesus laid out the path/choices toward light.  Our text for Sunday is a story from Daniel 4:10-17, 29-37 about a King called Nebuchadnezzar.  Quite a story.  

Read up and get ready, we are on a journey of conviction and delight.