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In Him, For Him, It’s All About Him

Jan 5 Mark Began a New Message Series: Baptism. This week’s message is: 

Baptism: In Him, For Him, It’s All About Him
Genesis 3:15, Isaiah 42:6, Jeremiah 31:31

The Bible is an unbelievable gift.  I’ve returned recently to a devotional practice that has resonated with me in the past.  It involves opening with a prayer, followed by a reading from Scripture and some engagement with someone else’s reflection on a particular passage or theme, ending with a journal entry.  This past week the focus was on Psalm 128 – A Psalm of wisdom and blessing.  “Blessed are those who fear the Lord, who walk in obedience to him… blessing and prosperity will be yours… your wife (spouse) will be like a fruitful vine, your children like olive shoots… may you live to see your children’s children.”  

This passage is giving me so much joy.  It certainly eludes to marriage and children yet the theme is much broader than that.  The theme speaks about the Shalom that God brings when we fear the Lord and walk in obedience to his ways.  This is a universal truth of God about his character and actions with his world and his people.     

We have been on a message journey on Baptism since the New Year began.  Last week I spoke a phrase like this, ‘The Sacrament of Baptism is best understood (can only be understood) in the context of God’s story.’  After prepping this week for Sunday’s message, confirmation of this phrase could not be more true.  

For Sunday, we will make a sweeping look at the Covenantal Love of God through the Old Testament covenants and find their fulfilment in Jesus.  Again, the ‘Sacrament of Baptism is best understood (can only be understood) in the context of God’s story.’  

In preparation for Sunday read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  (Pause)… Well… I don’t think you or I will be able to do that… but I’ll show up if you will show up and we will worship God together.  Sunday’s message will touch on the core purpose and truth of God’s Covenantal Love through the covenant God made with the world at creation and with Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and ultimately, through Jesus.  See you at ‘the view’, Crestview that is, where we gather to hear from God!


Pastor Mark

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