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The Red Sea – Death to Life

Jan 5 Mark Began a New Message Series: Baptism. 

Baptism: The Red Sea – Death to Life
Ex 14:13-14

 Wow!  This past week’s worship and message was a great experience for me.  Last week we looked at the story of The Flood in Genesis 6-9 and tied it to our identity in Jesus, specifically through the sacrament of Baptism.  This week, we take a look at probably the most important event in the history of God’s people in God’s shaping and identifying of his people – the Exodus (specifically, the crossing of the Read Sea.). 

Our story this week comes from the Book of Exodus, chapters 13-14.  This is a story of Death to Life, and also has powerful thematic overtones for our understanding of the most important event in the shaping of the history of the world – Jesus death and resurrection.

In preparation for Sunday, read Exodus chapter 13-14.  And if you are really ambitious, read chapters 1-14 of Exodus.  Answer this question, “Why did God lead his people to this difficult place in front of the Red Sea?”  There are at least 8 reasons in the text for why God led his people to this place.  Awesome answers… :).      

Can’t wait til Sunday – it’s a comin’, and I welcome it.  See you at the church!

Pastor Mark

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