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Baptism: The Water of Judgement – The Flood

This Sunday, Jan 5 Mark Begins a New Message Series: Baptism, with the message

Baptism: The Water of Judgement – The Flood
Gen 6-9

Crestview Family,

2020 is here!  When it comes to resolutions – start with receptivity!  When we begin with receptivity to God as our starting point and consistent daily point of reference everything else we desire out of life will fall into place.  This past Sunday we looked at the key to this: Remember!  Remember God’s commands,deliverance, blessing, and testing.  And all that’s left to do is respond to God accordingly.  

Beginning Sunday we kick off 2020 will a five week series on Baptism.  We begin with the epic story of the flood.  Read Genesis chapters 6-9 for Sunday and you will be ahead of the game in remembering God’s commands, deliverance, blessing and testing :).  

Big question for Sunday: How are we to understand the flood: a sending of judgment or redemption?  How could the story of the flood be a motif for understanding Baptism?  

See you Sunday, and God bless you in the new year – Shalom!
Pastor Mark   

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