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Advent 2019: Time Well Spent: spend More/Spend Less

We might as well call this what it really is – an Advent Conspiracy. The Son of God coming to the world – as a baby!  Becoming human!  What?  God dwelling with us in the flesh?  Why would God do this?  Definitely an Advent Conspiracy!  Conspiracy is the action of plotting or conspiring… God has been plotting out his plan of redemption for the world ever since he created it… but not conspiring to harm, but to bless!  A reverse conspiracy.  

And how he chooses to make his entrance is unbelievable: a little known podunk town of Bethlehem.  Mary giving birth miles and miles away from home in a cave, with an animal feeding trough as a cradle bed… One who is called ‘Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace’ chooses to come this way?  This is an Advent Conspiracy

We will explore together another facet of Advent together by looking at the story of Jesus and Mary/Martha from Luke 10:38-42.  Both Mary and Martha are engaged in good things, yet, Jesus blesses one of them as ‘Choosing What is Better.’

We have already cracked the door last week in looking at both the Call of Christ and the Cry of Culture in our daily life by reflecting on each of these influences with the phrase Come and Worship!  This week, we will reflect together on these influences in our lives through the phrase Choosing What is Better!‘  

See you Sunday, engage the Advent Conspiracy,

Pastor Mark

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