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The Beginning and the End: The BIG Picture of the Book of Revelation

Here we are at the end of our Revelation series.  Yet, this is far from the end.  God calls us to deeper devotion and engagement in the activity of his Kingdom come.  Revelation is couched in spiritual imagination and wonder.  Yet, there is much practical insight for God’s people.  

On Sunday, I will ask you to put on your spiritual imagination as the entire Book of Revelation will be expounded on in less than 25 minutes… Buckle up for a narrative, story telling ride, through the pages of John the Apostle’s visions from a prison cell on the Isle of Patmos.  

The message will conclude with some ‘So What?’ conclusions.  Why does this book and its ‘revelation’ even matter?  Gearing up already.  

See you Sunday – we will also celebrate the Lord’s Supper communion together!  

Pastor Mark

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