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 Laodicea: Choose: Either Hot or Cold

Nine weeks ago we began this journey together into the first three chapters of the Book of Revelation.  And this week we find ourselves with the words of Jesus to the church of Laodicea.  

Once again Jesus uses the context of the church by integrating his specific revelation of himself, the fitting ‘word’ that is needed for them, even incorporating the geography of the area to call them to a deeper relationship with Him. 
The church had become ‘lukewarm’.  They had become tepid.  The region was known for its geologic springs that bubbled out of the ground.  Yet, it was neither hot nor cold.  So in a way, it was average – not hot enough to be used medicinally like hot springs, not cold enough to be of any refreshment.  Looks like the church took on the characteristics of the surrounding landscape.  God was calling them to be either one or the other, either hot or cold. 

  This is metaphorically fascinating in many ways.  We, like the church of Laodicea, have a tendency, like any church of any time in any place, to take on the characteristics of the culture around us.  Sometimes, this can be a positive thing to be culturally relevant and helps us connect well with the people around us.  Sometimes, this can be a negative thing in that our set apart witness for Jesus becomes compromised.    

How do we remain either hot or cold in our walk with God to remain vibrant?  How do we keep our ‘saltiness’ and let our ‘light shine’?  How do we keep our devotional character and our set apart status in Christ while being fully engaged with the culture around us?  

Sounds like a sermon waiting to happen.  See you Sunday,


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